Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy grabs two of the most well-regarded lyricists for his soul-drenched rap song, 'I Do.' OutKast member André 3000 (where has he been hiding?) and Jay-Z complete the rap trifecta as they metaphorically rhyme about their first love, cocaine.

While listening to the song, you might think the guys are talking about matrimony, but if you listen carefully, they're recalling the first time they fell in love with "Lady C," back when they were former street hustlers.

Snowman kicks off the song with his story about meeting the addictive lady with a nice package. "And I aint even have to open my eyes when I was cooking that," he raps. "Guess it was love at first sight / Eye contact / Remember the night we first met / I caught a contact."

Next, Jigga compares his commitment to the drug game to matrimony. "I Jay-Z, take this unlawful lady to have and to hold / And till the task force grow / To hug her every corner till I get ash from the cold / Or until I’ve amassed a fortune, too much cash for me to fold," he ingeniously rhymes.

Finally, Three Stacks' lyrics are more literal as he hopes to settle down with his true love. He raps, "Say I do, I do, I do, I do, I do / So we can float up outta here in this hot air balloon / Lets put a baby butterfly up in your lil’ cocoon / And maybe 2030 our baby, she'll be nerdy make the whole club swoon."

'I Do' is a smartly-written song that shouldn't be taken too seriously, despite its subject matter. Obviously, the trio have left their exess -- so to speak -- and gone on to do bigger things with their lives, which is the overall message: you live, you love and you grow.

The M16-produced track will appear on Young Jeezy's upcoming LP 'TM103: Hustlerz Ambition.'

Listen to 'I Do' Feat. Andre 3000 & Jay-Z