YouTube celeb/vlogger Keenan Cahill, the 16-year old who went viral by lip syncing songs by pop stars like 50 Cent, Taio Cruz and LMFAO, opened up about his meeting with Fitty and his disease, how high school has changed in light of his newfound web fame, and how he'd like to work with Chris Brown in the future. Cahill has Maroteaux–Lamy syndrome, which causes him to have a dwarf-like appearance, but that hasn't dampened his spirits. The web celeb sat down with AOL Music to dish about his interaction with celebs.

Cahill, who said he always listened to music and knew it would come to him at some point in his life, revealed that meeting 50 Cent was a big deal, saying he was nervous but that the rapper was "such a good sport" and "a nice guy."

He has become more popular at his Illinois school, too! Cahill said,"I've gotten messages on my Facebook, 'Oh my god, I'm going to your school next year! I need a picture!" He also said that as the year goes along, such gushing fades.

Cahill also said that he likes being an inspiration to others who are afflicted with disabilities, saying "Even if you are sick, like me with my disease, or in the hospital, you can still go out. You can go on the Internet and don't care what people say."

Cahill also revealed that his dream collaborator would be Chris Brown "because of his dance moves." You hear that Breezy? Sounds like you have a new video co-star!

Watch the Keenan Cahill Video Interview With AOL