One Direction suffered a great loss when Zayn Malik, arguably their best vocalist, up and quit the group in the middle of a world tour, citing his general unhappiness and desire to live as a "normal 22 year old" as his main reasons for leaving. So it was that 1D fans around the world mourned the event that was Zayn's leaving, many of them left wondering whether they'd ever hear his voice live again.

Now, it seems, they will: He's currently in the midst of recording a solo album, and tastemaker Zane Lowe says it's good stuff. And while his new music is rumored to be vastly different from One Direction's brand of catchy pop, fans are content in knowing Zayn's voice will be heard, once more, in all its nuanced glory.

We decided to revisit some old live clips and compile an assortment of Zayn's best vocal performances with One Direction. The clips included span his time with the band, beginning with his solo on the Ed Sheeran-penned "Moments," delivered during 1D's 2012 Up All Night Tour, to his all-too-brief cover of Drake's "Shot For Me" and all the way up to the Four-era, when Zayn belted out those vocal runs, Mariah-style, during the group's 2014 Saturday Night Live performance of "Ready to Run." And don't worry -- his now-legendary high-note in "You & I" is in there too.

Check out the video above and let us know if we missed any major moments in Zayn's vocal history.