No shocker here. Zayn Malik of One Direction has inked up… again! The boy bander, who collects tattoos with similar frequency to his bandmate Harry Styles and Justin Bieber, has added to his skin art array with a leg tattoo. So, what is it?

Malik got a wolf etched onto the front of his lower leg. He had to get his leg shaved in order to properly and safely inject the ink.

He shared images on his Instagram account, of both the process, as he was seated in the chair receiving the new etching, as well as of the finished product.

Malik is clearly a serious tattoo collector, continuing to ink his body and share the photos with the world and Directioners.

This black and gray piece looks detailed and intricate. We're left to speculate about the significance and wonder if (and when) Zayn and Harry will put the brakes on the tattoo collecting. They are both becoming covered, as is The Biebs. It certainly ups their bad boy ante.

Directioners and PopCrushers, we have to pose this question to you. Are you feeling Zayn's latest tattoo? Or is enough enough at this point? Vote in the poll below.