A war rages.

It seems like only yesterday, all five boys of One Direction were still happily swatting at each other onstage, punching the air and sending teenyboppers into fits of unbridled mania. But that's not the case today.

No. Not at all.

Ever since the shocking departure of Zayn Malik from the band, tension has built like an Iron Curtain across the Twittersphere between the newly independent solo hottie and his former band — specifically Louis Tomlinson, arguably the band's most notoriously sassy member. It hasn't helped that Zayn's friend and producer Naughty Boy has been pouring buckets of gasoline on the fire. While Louis has come for Naughty Boy's career, the producer hit right back with some shade about Louis' vocal skills. (How very dare you?)

Zayn has since asked for his fans' support, leading Directioners to pick sides quickly in what is surely to be the pop war of our time.

But here's our question: Where do you stand in the middle of this mess? Are you proudly #TeamZayn? Or are you sticking with the original troupe and opting for #TeamLouis? Or, have you been rendered entirely unable to process basic thought because of this terrible, no good in-fighting? Or do you not really give a f--k so much? In either case, let us know.

Place your vote in the Zayn vs. Louis debate below. We'll reveal the results right here next week on May 14. Stay strong, Directioners.