Zayn Malik and Rihanna both got bold new piercings recently, with the former One Direction member opting for a nose stud while Bad Gal RiRi went with a lip ring. Whose piercing do you like better?

Perhaps to commemorate his departure from 1D, Zayn Malik recently changed up his entire look, getting his nose pierced and shaving his whole head. While not that many guys -- in our humble opinions, at least -- can pull of a nose ring, Zayn manages to do so flawlessly, just like he does just about everything else in his life. Of course, the shaved head in addition to the piercing only adds to his badassery, a label which will undoubtedly follow wherever he goes. Check out Zayn's nose piercing in the photo below.

Rihanna is known for having some pretty wild piercings, but the fact that she just got a grill piercing is on a whole other level. Yep: While Rihanna's latest body mod may look like a lip ring, it actually seems like it's just an extension of her grill -- which is pretty insane in and of itself. Of course, Rihanna couldn't resist sharing several shots of her brand-new piercing -- whatever it is -- looking fiercer than ever as she grits her teeth and flaunts that grill piercing like there is no tomorrow. Check it out below.

Whose new piercing is your fave? Vote for Zayn Malik or Rihanna in the poll below.

See Zayn's Nose Piercing

Ian Gavan, Getty Images

See Rihanna's Lip Piercing

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