Poor Zayn Malik! The singer got sick in the middle of a One Direction concert in Perth, Australia and had to leave, Gossip Cop reports.

According to the site, Niall made the announcement toward the end of the show, which means that Zayn made it through 17 songs while not feeling well (a feat that Directioners have been obsessing about on Twitter.)

A One Direction fan update account reports that Zayn was missing for "Girl Almighty" and "Story of My Life." Liam reportedly took over Zayn's part in "Girl Almighty" and Louis did the same for "Story of My Life." (While we're sure they filled in perfectly, still: R.I.P. Zayn's high notes.)

Of course, it didn't take long for news of Zayn's illness to reach the internet, and fans quickly made #GetWellSoonZayn a trending topic on Twitter. And because they're Directioners (and we all know Directioners have no chill) they had some pretty epic reactions. Check out a few below:

Of course, fans can't help but recall the time that Zayn was sick and missed One Direction's Four promo in Orlando. At the time, Matt Lauer infamously asked the band if Zayn had a "substance abuse problem" (totally out of line) and then Louis later cleared things up and explained that Zayn had a "poo problem." TMI, Louis, TMI.

While we're not sure what the cause is of Zayn's illness this time around, we hope he feels better soon!

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