As if we need any more evidence that Zerrie is one of the cutest couples ever!

One Direction heartthrob Zayn Malik made fiancee Perrie Edwards scream and cry with joy with a special surprise gift: a video message showing Steven Tyler congratulating the pop stars on their upcoming nuptials!

A pair of Instagram videos show Perrie, on the road in the U.S. with Little Mix, totally freaking out as she plays the message from the Aerosmith singer on her phone. And when we say she's on the road, we mean it literally -- she was filmed as she rode a vehicle on her way to work.

"On the way to our singing and I was given a gift... A video message from Stevie Tyler #SoHappy," she wrote Thursday (Feb. 6). Alongside a second clip she said, "I can't get over this! My dad is going to fangirl so hard too! :D ahhhhhhh!"

Her reaction is absolute joy, complete with high-pitched squealing and crying. Our favorite part, when she's so overcome she tearfully says, "Oooh, I feel like a freak!" and then laughs. It's totally charming.

Later in the day, she sent out a sweet message to Zayn via Twitter, thanking him for the thoughtful gesture:

That sound you hear is millions of Directioners and Mixers saying, "Awwww!"