Any Directioner worth her salt knows that One Direction will premiere the video for the contemplative ballad 'Little Things' on Nov. 2. It's only a couple days away and anticipation is high, especially since the heartfelt song is a bit of a left turn, as it follows the super bouncy first single, 'Live While We're Young.' The band's creative countdown leading up to the clip features super short teasers with each member and today's footage focuses on Zayn Malik.

The song is heavy and serious, showing the more thoughtful side of 1D, and the black and white video looks to follow that mood. However, Zayn keeps things light, mood-wise, in his clip, making a goofy, rubbery face and hanging with his 1D boys. But Zayn still looks drool-inducing with his well-coiffed hair, his leather jacket and hoodie! So stylish, and such a heartthrob.

We're not quite sure what that object he is shaking is. It looks like a rocket-shaped thermos of some sort. Whatever is, he's having fun treating it like a Shake Weight.

It's an effective little taste of what's to come and certainly leaves us wanting more. Uh, Nov. 2, can you hurry up and get here so we can ingest and digest the video and full, with ALL the members of 1D? Hurrrrryyyyyy!