Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" is venomous for sure, but it's still based on a pretty innocuous incident: So things went sour with another female pop star in the industry (cough, Katy Perry) because of a business conflict (cough, stealing dancers on tour)? That's not such a big deal, right?

Welp. Maybe not so much, because based on the very Sin City-esque teaser visuals for the forthcoming Joseph Kahn-directed music video, the 1989 country-pop-turned-regular-pop singer-songwriter is going straight for the jugular.

After introducing herself as Catastrophe in the first promo photo/poster for the upcoming video (which is due to debut during the Billboard Music Awards), as well as her friend Lily Aldridge as Frostbite, the singer just debuted a third teaser photo from the clip, starring none other than Zendaya.

The "Replay" singing-dancing-acting sensation will play a character named Cut-Throat, and from the looks of her rather menacing, knife-wielding pose, she's out for blood.

Who else is in Taylor's squad of badass beauties? Are Lorde and/or the HAIM sisters going to make a cameo too? She did have a bunch of famous friends on set, after all. And should Katy Perry be hiring extra security personnel at this point? Surely Left Shark is useless in a knife fight.

The video isn't even out yet, but one thing seems clear already, in case we haven't already learned from her deadly pen: Don't get on her bad side.