Zooey Deschanel hosted 'Saturday Night Live' for the first time this weekend, bringing her signature charm to the late-night sketch staple. She also brought a great sense of humor about herself!

In her opening monologue, Deschanel spoke about her heart-print dress. She wore it in honor of Valentine's Day, which she loves so much that she also sang a song about it. Clutching a ukulele, Deschanel crooned, "It's February / The day is 14 / But from the look on your face / You don't know what that means." As she opened her song, a gold, glittering crescent moon (with a face, of course) slowly descended behind her. Her deep, husky voice tells the tale of a man who forgot Valentine's Day.

In another skit, Deschanel's quirkiness is, once more, the star of the show -- literally. In 'Bein' Quirky with Zooey Deschanel,' the She & Him singer actually plays Mary Kate Olsen, while 'SNL' castmember Abby Elliott plays Deschanel. In the bit, Elliott as Deschanel reveals, "My soul was born in 1901!" The skit pokes fun at Deschanel's love of cats, vintage clothing and basically being a hipster goddess.

They're joined by Michael Cera, who finds delight in baking heart-shaped cookies, and Bjork, who, played by Kristen Wiig, titters behind her hands and speaks in a soft, high pitched squeak. The group knits, sings and generally mocks Deschanel, who clearly has a sense of humor about herself.

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