Zooey Deschanel is hosting 'Saturday Night Live' this week. Her promos for the appearance are exactly what you'd expect: quirky, funny and adorable.

Deschanel appears in the clips with 'SNL' castmember Keenan Thompson, and their comedic chemistry is outstanding. In the first clip, Thompson advises Deschanel to keep a safe distance from him because he has something contagious. Before she can get all the info on his condition, she contracts it from him. But don't worry -- once you see what it is, we think you won't mind catching the bug too. (We doubt it will kill you!)

In the next promo, Thompson quizzes Deschanel on her Black History Month knowledge. When she completely schools him, he fumbles his words and scrambles for a comeback. We think she wins this one. In another, Thompson fails to impress Deschanel with a play on her 'New Girl' fame. In the fourth clip, Deschanel uses Thompson to prove just how quirky she is -- and just how mean a punch she can throw.

Our favorite clip is the final one, where Deschanel and Thompson perform an operatic duet announcing her hosting stint. The She & Him singer uses her vocal chops and comic timing to get everyone even more excited for her performance than before.

Deschanel hosts 'SNL' this Saturday, Feb. 11 at 11:30PM. Deschanel will be joined by musical guest Karmin. We can't wait to watch!

Watch Zooey Deschanel's 'SNL' Promos