UPDATE: We've been alerted that this video clip is apparently from a movie -- not an attempt at launching a rap career, despite reports. The film, called 'Rhymes With Banana,' is a "satirical comedy about a couple of delusional wannabe actresses," and you can see another clip from it here.

Listen. We've all done embarrassing things in our past. If someone were to film the countless nights spent at karaoke and threw those videos on the Internet, we would have to legally change our names and start new lives in another country. Now imagine that happening when you're famous.

A video of 'Girls' actress Zosia Mamet rapping with a friend while walking down the Coney Island boardwalk began circulating on the Internet and has been received with a mix of secondhand embarrassment, laughter and think pieces about how even Shoshanna (Zosia's notoriously embarrassing character on 'Girls') would be mortified to have the video released and seen by so many.

According to Jezebel (where you can watch the video, which we can't embed here since it's been removed from YouTube), the 2010 video was a promotional tool that Zosia planned on using in an attempt to start a music career. We can't be sure that's what it was actually used for, but considering her now prominent acting career, we can't say we're too unhappy with the way things worked out.

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