There's something "electric" about Kia Motors' all-new Kia Soul vehicle for 2015.

The original Kia Soul debuted in 2008, and since then, the Kia hamster characters have been the faces of the car line's flashy television ads. Each TV ad in the past has utilized a catchy tune from a popular artist, including Lady Gaga's 'Applause,' LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem,' and Calvin Harris' 'Colours.'

So which song did Kia opt to go with for their newest model in the Kia Soul line?

For Kia's latest commercial featuring the new 2015 Kia Soul EV, the company chose to go with Maroon 5's 'Animals' for the background music. The ad features the tagline "Fully charged," a reference to the vehicle's all-electric nature. We see the Kia hamsters experimenting turning an ordinary Kia Soul into a sexy-looking, electric-powered vehicle. When a mini-hamster accidentally finds her way into the crosshairs of the electric lasers, the mini-hamster is turned into a full-figured hamster babe. The scientists, amazed by their new discovery, go to a pet store to adopt several more hamsters, and a full-on dance party ensues with the help of some new female companions.

'Animals' is the latest single of Maroon 5's 'V' album, which is set to be released on Aug. 29, 2014.