There should be a written rule somewhere that states that Adam Levine must be shirtless at all times. He's not exactly the most muscular dude out there, but we totally appreciate this bod, and the fact that he's playing a boxer in Maroon 5's newest video 'One More Night' kind of gets us all hot and bothered.

But then while watching a behind the scene look at the video, we were all, "Hold up, who's this girl?!" Turns out it's Minka Kelly, and not only are we assuming that she's playing Levine's girlfriend in the video, but they're also together with a baby. "I play a heartbreaker, I guess," she said in the clip. "I do very bad things... but necessary." Pssh, what-the-eff-ever. On to Adam's tattooed bod boxing!

"Today we're making a video for 'One More Night,' and I play a boxer, and I get my a-- wooped," said the singer before getting made up with a split eyebrow and bruises. "But I think I somehow pull it out at the end." The tone of the video is supposedly dark, so is it about him leaving the girl to be a boxing champ, or her leaving him because she's fed up? We don't know yet.

But fear not, because you'll be able to view the video in its entirety and bask in the shirtlessness of Adam Levine on Monday, June 25. Until then, just watch the clip over, and over, and over...

Watch the Behind-the-Scenes Video of Maroon 5's 'One More Night'