With her pitch-perfect live performances, Adele seems like the most relaxed performer in the world, but she actually suffers from a serious case of stage fright. While she gears up for her Oscars appearance, the singer has enlisted the help of a breathing coach to help put her mind at ease.

Daily Star says that, at the suggestion of singer Robbie Williams' wife, Adele has been attending Belly Breathing sessions in Los Angeles. The treatment is known as Chinese Qi Gong therapy. A source reports, "It’s done wonders for Adele since she started getting daily sessions from a leading Indian practitioner."

The source continues, "Adele has suffered with terrible stage fright since she was 16, but now it’s worse than ever. She knows all eyes are on her after almost a year out of the spotlight, so she needed something to help her with it."

Adele will be performing her Academy Award-nominated Bond theme 'Skyfall' on Sunday's Oscars broadcast. In the past, Adele talked frankly about her fear, saying, “I puke quite a lot before going on stage, though never actually on the stage. But then I s--- myself before everything. In the end though, the bigger the freak-out, the more I enjoy the show.”

The Oscars are as big as it gets, so expect Adele to nail this performance!

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