When you see 17-year-old 'American Idol' contestant Hollie Cavanagh, you would never imagine what happens when she opens her mouth and begins to sing. This little girl has one of the biggest voices in the competition, and she gave one of the most impressive performances of the night singing ‘All the Man I Need’ by Whitney Houston.

Singing Whitney Houston when you’re not Whitney Houston poses a challenge to even the most talented singer. Cavanagh went beyond rising to the occasion and tackled her song with ease, remaining steady throughout the whole performance. While many contestants can start out strong but falter a bit as they finish – we think that’s where Cavanagh actually slayed her performance, nailing several big notes at the end.

The judges seemed a little speechless as they had little to say for such a huge and successful performance. Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler both told her she nailed it, while Jennifer Lopez elaborated a little more saying “That’s the Holly that I know. You’re the one. We might have a sing off between two girls in the finale, and that’s what I want!”

Since there hasn’t been a female winner for the past five seasons of 'American Idol,' we are as excited by the potential of a sing off between two girls in the finale as Lopez is.

Watch Hollie Cavanagh Perform 'All the Man I Need' on 'American Idol'