The final collection that late singer Amy Winehouse designed for the Fred Perry label has been released and is available for purchase.

Winehouse began collaborating with the design house a few years ago, and released her first collection in fall 2010. The final collection presents clothing distinctly from her fashion vantage point. Winehouse's style, look and image were very '50s-inspired and doo-wop-influenced, so it's no surprise that her clothing designs feature that aesthetic and era.

While Winehouse's hair and eyeliner were extreme, her clothing line is timeless, tame and tasteful. The collection includes a Cadillac print, juke box images and a color palette of pink mist, pale blue and black. It hones in on Winehouse's love of the '50s era and art deco style Miami, too. It's also emblematic of a classic, throwback style, which sums up Winehouse effectively.

The printed shirtdress smattered with Cadillacs is adorable without being kitschy, while the longline pink cardigan with black piping and form fit looks like a curve hugger that can be styled in infinite ways, such as with the black, pedal pusher pants. The bowling bag with the Cadi print and the pink and black argyle sweater dress are extra adorable and stylish, and can be paired with any wardrobe basic items from your own closet to create a unique look that doesn't appear like you are copying Winehouse. While her point of view is visible in the collection, it doesn't scream "Amy Winehouse Copycat!"

The fees and royalties from the sale of these items will be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation,which launched after her death to aid those struggling with addiction issues.

Items in the collection are as affordable as $50 and as pricy as $305.

Shop the line here.

The fashion collection is not the only posthumous Winehouse release. 'Amy Winehouse Lioness: Hidden Treasures' is also available for fans.