Ariana Grande and her lovely visage cover the February issue of Teen Vogue, on stands on Jan. 2.

The singer looks uh-maze in her hot pink lipstick and her hair done up in a wrap. It's quite a hippie vibe for her, and we love it, since Grande is usually so girly, frilly and romantic with her style and presentation.

In the feature, Ariana, who is known to explore otherworldly things, also admitted that when she was young, "the few things I watched were horror movies and Judy Garland films." She is so cute, isn't she?

And in Nariana news, that famous interview that suggested she had split with her boyfriend, Nathan Sykes of the Wanted, has resurfaced. As the rumors of a Nariana split ignited online, the station that did the interview and started the rumor took the clip down. It's back.

Neither Grande nor Sykes commented about a split on Twitter. However, the fact that these two shower each other with PDA and that they can't keep their hands to themselves when they are together -- and 'The Way' that Grande looks at Sykes when they are together -- made us think things were still happy and healthy in Narianaville.

From the context of the interview, we can pretty much glean she was not speaking about Sykes.

She was asked about giving her BF a sloth for his birthday. That was last year, and for her ex, Jai Brooks, with whom she split acrimoniously. Remember the Twitter war between their families? Also, Sykes was born in April and they've only been dating since September, so she hasn't spent a birthday with him yet!

Grande quickly asked if the interview was live and said, "You're a little behind… we're really good friends now."

The interviewer was behind with his info. Grande and Brooks split in the summer, and then she began dating Sykes. But it's not likely she and Brooks are good friends now. She also called the chat a mess.

She and Nate just sang their duet 'Almost Is Never Enough' at a recent Jingle Ball. See the oozing-with-chemistry perf here. She also says during this interview that if you don't hear about her life directly from via Twitter, don't believe it.

We're resting easy thinking that Nariana are still a duo. Whew. We bet Nate is so proud of his lady love and her Teen Vogue cover.

Watch the Nariana Breakup Speculation Interview