Before there were One Direction and the Wanted, there were the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync. Few people know the boy band lifestyle better than those vets (and BSB's frequent tourmates, New Kids on the Block, forming supergroup NKOTBSB). As a result, BSB singer Howie D. is offering some words of wisdom to 1D as their star continues to rise.

Howie spoke to InTouch (quotes via SugarScape) about how to stay sane with grueling schedules, screaming fans and the world at your feet. "Pace yourself. Have fun but put your health first," he warned. This is likely a biggie for Howie in particular, because his sister passed away from lupus.

Still, Howie isn't about be all work and no play. He advised, “Definitely enjoy the perks that come with being a pop star, but make sure you prioritize your party nights and work. Without the hard work, there’s no girls, and without girls there’s no party." Have truer words ever been spoken?

As for career tips, as one of the voices behind the legendary 'I Want It That Way,' Howie knows a thing or two about the biz. His biggest musical advice for the 'What Makes You Beautiful' band? “Make sure you record music that you’ll be proud of in 20 years time.” Again, have truer words ever been spoken? Considering the success of 'Take Me Home,' we think the boys in One Direction are doing a fine job at that.

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