We sure weren't expecting to see animated unicorns in the 'Fast Lane' video from Bad Meets Evil, the rap duo comprised of Eminem and Royce Da 5'9". The surprisingly silly video has us laughing -- and thinking maybe the guys aren't so evil after all.

The clip is similar to the "lyric videos" that have been popping up on YouTube lately, which display a song's lyrics line by line in engaging fonts and colors. The difference with 'Fast Lane' is that the rappers interact with the words as they appear. When Royce delivers the line, "I'll kill you all with kindness," he picks up the word "kindness" and smashes the text "you all." Clever!

Eminem doesn't crack a smile in the video. But he does give a Michael Jackson "hoo!" shout, wears a wizard's hat and even walks like an Egyptian. He and Royce both wear '80s-inspired sweatsuits that could've come from the closet of LL Cool J or Run DMC.

It's not all funny business for Eminem, though. He has to maintain his bad boy reputation, so he picks up an animated woman and dunks her in an oversized fish bowl, leaving her lying on the ground soaking wet. And then he decapitates her.

'Fast Lane' appears on the Bad Meets Evil album 'Hell: The Sequel,' which drops next Tuesday and also includes the Bruno Mars team-up 'Lighters' and the Gaga-dissing 'A Kiss.'

Watch the Bad Meets Evil 'Fast Lane' Video