Beyonce is one of the most impressive and hard-hitting dance divas in the pop scene today. Therefore, it was a wise decision on Michelle Obama's part to recruit the singer for her 'Let's Move!' campaign to fight childhood obesity.

The First Lady and the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation worked together to create the campaign, which promotes healthy eating and exercise for the youth of America. Through the campaign, kids can learn how to nutritional eating practices and fun new workouts.

Beyonce loves to dance, and she is sharing this love with the kids participating in 'Let's Move!'. The diva released a video message for 'Let's Move!' talking about how fun it can be to get in shape through dancing. The campaign also released an instructional dance workout video featuring a new cut of Beyonce's 'Get Me Bodied,' which has been retitled 'Move Your Body' for kid-friendly purposes.

With the beautiful Beyonce's positive influence and the government's dedication to promoting healthy living, 'Let's Move!' is sure to help kids make better decisions about what they eat and how they can exercise.

Watch Beyonce's 'Let's Move!' Video Message

Watch the 'Let's Move!' Beyonce Workout to 'Move Your Body'