"Just want you to make me move," a Living Legend once declared. Well, she got her wish.

There's been no shortage of brand new Spearitual selections in the past few weeks, as Britney Spears continues to roll out her forthcoming ninth studio album Glory track by track, including her doo wop-y strip tease "Private Show" and jangly, stomping "Clumsy."

Now, the not-so-poppy lead single from her ninth set — "Make Me (feat. G-Eazy)" — is getting dragged out from the bedroom and onto the dance floor, courtesy of three official remixes released today (August 12).

The Remixes features reinterpretations by EDM trio Cash Cash, Marc Stout & Tony Arzadon and Tom Bundin. While Cash Cash goes for dub-y breakdowns of "Hold It Against Me" proportions, Marc & Tony opt for a hard-edged House make(me)over. Bundin's might be my personal favorite of the bunch, turning the chorus into a mighty fierce, stuttering vogue-ready affair. Oooh, yes.

Let B-Girl and company raise your roof with the The Remixes EP below.

Britney Kicks Off Remixed, Reimagined and Still Iconic Piece of Me Revamp: