The world was stoked to hear Britney Spears and's collaboration, 'Sexy Sexy,' off of '#willpower.' But when the Black Eyed Peas frontman's car and laptop were stolen, leading to leaked tracks, it was taken off the table for fans, as scrapped all of the songs and started fresh.

But fret not: A new collabo with Spears is on the way!

At the taping of the Grammy tribute to Whitney Houston, Spears spoke about the project. Looking fierce in a gray dress and blond waves, she revealed that she and Will are indeed working together on a new track entitled 'Scream and Shout.'

"My new single is 'Scream and Shout' with, and it's coming out soon!" Spears said with a smile on the red carpet. When pressed for details, Spears grinned, "He's fun. You just have to hear it. He's just, like, a little radical genius scientist in the studio when he’s in there, and he just knows what he’s doing, so just to be able to do a song with him is really fun.”

Maybe this song has something to do with her top secret video!

A new release date has yet to be revealed for '#willpower,' nor for 'Scream and Shout.' The album was set to drop on Oct. 15, so it's got to be really frustrating to have to scrap an entire record just a month before it was scheduled to hit shelves. However, if Spears is to be believed, '#willpower' should be worth the wait.