A rough childhood and the loss of two brothers considered, Cady Groves' life has hardly played out like a fairy tale. Thankfully, though—and with the help of devoted fans—she's learned to harness hope. That spirit is clear across Dreams, the singer's newest EP that PopCrush is exclusively streaming ahead of its October 2 release below, and it's dedicated to all who've followed her journey.

Dreams, the Oklahoma-born Groves' first project since leaving RCA and joining Vel Records, kicks off with the EP's light-as-air eponymous track, through which Groves explores all the curve balls life could have thrown her, and the roads she never took. "Could have been the Lion Queen/Could have been the next James Dean/Could have been a mother of three by now, probably," she considers over sunshiny acoustic guitar.

"'Cause I Said No," which features a bright a cappella echo effect you might otherwise find on a Fun. record, extends the project's liveliness, and finds the singer wondering why games seem to be part and parcel of a relationship. Still, what goes up, must come down, and on "Crying Game," Groves beautifully croons through her sorrow, instead, confronting bouts of loneliness, imprisonment of a loved one and death over perfectly restrained production.

Groves told PopCrush that Dreams is a testament to the support of her listeners, whose encouragement has been a driving force behind the EP's development.

"I know I wouldn't have been able to get to this point without the constant push from my fans,” she said. “This entire album is in their honor. Can't wait to hold their hands and keep going."

Listen to Dreams above, hang tight for the "Dreams" single's soon-to-come video and follow Cady on Facebook and Twitter for the latest on tour dates!

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