Do away with the idea that acoustic guitars are for prayer circles or folky recounting of storybook tales — Cash Cash and Jacquie Lee's unplugged performance of their new collaboration could set off a series of fault lines.

The studio version of "Aftershock," which was released in January, is designed for long nights spent wading through smoky dance halls, but the four-man project have gone in a different direction for the song's very first live performance, which PopCrush is proudly premiering above.

During a recent visit to our very own mini-concert hall, the EDM trio and the pop-rock vocalist delivered a set — mini-keyboard included — that was both beautifully restrained and powerful enough to rattle the office's series of floor-to-ceiling windows. The strum of familiar chords paired against falsetto harmonies offered a sense of peace, while Lee's booming full voice, which bore through quieter moments, kept an eager audience that had manifested outside the room captivated. We might not bankroll bouncers or bartenders, but for a few hours, we were a verifiable rock venue.

"Nothing can stop the ground from breaking / Can't stop the world, can't stop it / Nothing can stop my hands from shaking / Even when you're gone there's the aftershock," Lee belts above in a tone that suggests she was robbed of The Voice Season 5's championship title.

Check out the live premiere of "Aftershock" above, pair it against the studio version here and hang tight for Cash Cash and Jacquie Lee's live collaboration on "Take Me Home."

Check out Jacquie Lee's performance of "Chandelier" in the PopCrush studio: