Celebrities Who Almost Died on Set

Most people probably don't think of a career in the entertainment industry as one laden with the threat of possible death at any turn -- at least not on a consistent basis. But, as with all things, death can be totally unpredictable and surprising. What might come as even more of a surprise is just how many actors have almost perished while filming. Lucky for you, we've compiled a gallery of different celebrities who had some pretty close calls. Thankfully, they all lived to talk about it.

From Matthew Fox nearly dying from a stab wound while shooting 'Lost' to Jennifer Lawrence nearly suffocating while filming 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay -- Part I' to Martin Sheen having to physically drag himself a quarter mile through the jungle because he had just suffered a heart attack in near isolation during the filming of 'Apocalypse Now,' check out the above photos to find out what happened on set.