Celeste Buckingham's latest single is the super upbeat, crazy catchy "Unpredictable," and we've got the exclusive first listen for you right here on PopCrush!

"Unpredictable" is an uptempo track that has a subtle swing influence when things kick in during the chorus. Celeste's vocals take charge, her soulful delivery reminiscent of Joss Stone circa 2004.

Of the track, Celeste said, "Writing this song was like writing a new chapter to a book. It felt like I was moving forward and accepting that life is almost always unpredictable. But I shouldn't be afraid of the unknown. So I hope this songs helps us all feel a little better about our rough moments. "

And with lyrics like, "Call me an ambulance / I need a doctor / 'Cause all these problems everyday keep getting harder / Don't have a back-up plan / I need a way out / My head keeps spinning but my feet still keep me on the ground / I feel like fallin' but I know that I'm afraid of heights / But there's no stoppin' where I'm goin' can't get off this ride / I can't control it but I hope I'm gonna be alright," we totally get that feeling of not knowing how things are going to turn out. The song's chorus mirrors that with its frantic horns and sudden change in tempo.

19-year-old Celeste is a Slovak singer who first gained recognition after appearing on the second season of the Czech and Slovak reality talent show, SuperStar. She didn't win, but she went on to establish herself as a solo artist and has already made waves in Europe and the U.S. with her single "Run Run Run."

Check out "Unpredictable" above! For more from Celeste, follow her on Twitter and Facebook.