Since the 1960s, Cher has been at the forefront of pop culture dialogue, but in 2015, it seems it's all about the icon's back.


Cher, who recently went completely biker chic as part of fashion designer Marc Jacobs' latest campaign, decided to give her visage a well-deserved rest on the cover of the forthcoming issue of LOVE Magazine—a biannual UK fashion periodical. Instead, the canvasser of women's worlds chose to show off the back of her head and her pin-straight mane. Don't ever accuse her of having lost her touch!

The cover of LOVE's July edition, which will feature contributions from Marc Jacobs, David Sims, Joe McKenna and Derek Blasberg, features the singer in a jacket that's detailed with a sky-scraping collar and painstakingly intricate embellishment. "Cher's Back!" Cher's back insists. Consider the message completely received, publishers and responsible editorial staff.

And though the unorthodox experiment has made quite a statement in the fashion world, Cher hasn't allowed it to eclipse her political convictions, and yesterday, after real estate magnate Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the office of the United States President, the Oscar-winner sounded off like only she could.

"Donald Trump's ego is So inflated, he might As well be the Hindenburg! In Dictionary next to "Obnoxious assh--" See Photo of THE DONALD" she tweeted. Well, guess we can safely say which ticket she'll be crossing off come 2016...

What do you think of Cher's cheeky cover? Sound off, and if you're in the UK, be sure to pick up a copy on July 27!

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