Ever since Chris Brown showed off his rapping skills on 'Look at Me Now,' fans have been waiting for him to start spitting bars into the microphone again. MC Breezy's mixtape 'Boy in Detention' is his official rap release -- and it is phenomenal. If it weren't for his pedigree in serenading the ladies, you would think that Brown was a legitimate rapper.

The only downside of this mixtape is Brown's lack of subject matter. He constantly raps about women, money and cars, which, after awhile, gets boring. Nevertheless, the 21-song mixtape features Breezy remixing several popular rap songs, as well as spitting rhymes over brand new tracks.

It's shocking to think that Brown raps better than some of today's hot rhyme-spitters in the biz. One thing's for sure, if the crooner wants to quit the R&B game, he has a solid career as a rapper. Yep, he is that good.

The 'Boy In Detention' mixtape arrives at a time when Brown is slowly reaching the apex of his career. This fall, he will hit the road alongside Kelly Rowland on his own headlining tour. Hopefully, Brown will introduce his rap alias -- MC Breezy -- to his fans on the trek. Leggo!

You can download the entire mixtape for free here.

‘Boy in Detention’ Mixtape Review:

1. 'First 48'
The mixtape kicks off with this booming track, where MC Breezy is spitting crazy one-liners and switching up his flows whenever possible. "They gonna have to change the channel, because this boy is too much to handle," Breezy lays down. He also leaves a message for his haters: "I'm crushin' you turds, killing s--t." Whoa!

2. 'Crazy'
This sounds like Brown's personal anthem as he explains why he is so loco on the mic.

3. 'Freaky I'm Iz'
This Swizz Beatz-produced track gets flipped by Breezy and fellow rapper Kevin McCall, as they boast about their bedroom prowess.

4. 'Body on Mine'
Another slinky club track with Brown bragging about how cute he is, and asking a lady that catches his eye if she would join him for an after-party at his crib. He's such a cad.

5. 'Spend It All'
Brown is the ultimate player on this club track featuring R&B newbie Se7en. The song features the crooner ballin' out of control and spending unlimited amounts of cash.

6. 'Private Dancer'
Brown slows it down and drops a R&B song in the mix. The track features him yearning for a private dance from a lovely woman he spots in the club.

7. '100 Bottles'
Another song about ballin' in the club. At this point, Breezy is beginning to sound monotonous with his tired rhymes about "stuntin'" in the club "with 200 bad models." This is one of several skippable tracks on this mixtape.

8. 'Leave the Club'
Produced by the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, this is a sweet ballad by Brown as romances a women that he meets -- where else -- in the club. The song features the angelic vocals of Joelle James.

9. 'Real Hip-Hop #4' (Listen Here)
A standout track on this mixtape. And much like we said in our song review, it’s amazing how Breezy spits rhymes better than your favorite rapper, despite his knack for swooning the ladies.

10. 'Your Body'
'Your Body' is another standout simply for it's live production and funky synthesizers. Brown spits cool and laid-back rhymes on this easy-listening rap song. "B-R-E-E-Z-Y / Helluva guy / I'm Fly / Higher than high / Dubai, I go / Private jets, nevertheless / I travel the globe / I'm ready to go / But first let me call my PO," he says.

11. 'Ladies Love Me' (Listen Here)
Pop superstar Justin Bieber makes his rap cameo on the track and does a formidable job next to Breezy.

12. 'Real Hip-Hop #3" (Listen Here)
Brown teams up with producer 9th Wonder for another stellar rap song. Like we said in our song review, the crooner's lyrical flow is quite impressive.

13. 'Real Hip-Hop'
The song that started the trilogy. There's nothing much else to say. We only hope that there's a Chris Brown and 9th Wonder album in the works.

14. 'Snapbacks Back'
Breezy remixes rapper Meek Mills' 'Tupac Back' into this silly song about baseball caps, also known as "fitteds" in the 'hood. WTF? Young Money rapper Tyga makes a cameo on the song. We pushed the fast-forward button.

15. 'The Best Yo'
Another R&B ballad; nothing spectacular. Skip . . .

16. 'Marvin's Room'
Drake's atmospheric ballad gets remixed into an all-star posse song featuring fellow R&B artists J Valentine, Dawn Richard and Se7en.

17. '100%'
A braggadocios track featuring rapper Kevin McCall and Brown spitting rhymes about making money. Yawn. Next . . .

18. 'Last'
Breezy flips Big Sean's chart-topping hit song 'My Last' in a rousing anthem.

19. 'Sweetheart'
The R&B crooner changes the tempo and offers this Caribbean-flavored jam as he sings about finding his true love. Download this song and play it at your next summer barbecue party. Trust us, it's a great warm-weather song.

20. 'Strip'
This is a bouncy, synth-heavy track with Breezy crooning sophomoric double entendres to a stripper that, if he was in high school, would land him into a lifetime of detention.

21. 'Yoko'
Brown ends the mixtape on a high note. This is a high-powered rap posse track featuring Berner, Wiz Khalifa and Big K.R.I.T. The rap trifecta spits swagger-ilicous lyrics about women, money and cars. Brown raps: "My money flow real long / I do relays in this b---h / And you know I kill songs / It's Berner, C.B. and Wiz."