As the late (and recently seen as a hologram) rapper Tupac once said, "Only God can judge me."

Chris Brown shows off his sensitive side in the new song 'Don't Judge Me' from the forthcoming effort 'Fortune.' We know, unless you are a tried and true, card-carrying member of Team Breezy, you didn't know he had one. The "one" we're referencing being a sensitive side, since Brown is known for his volatile temper, which he showed to everyone from his ex-girlfriend (you know who!) to "GMA' host Robin Roberts.

But this song is a slow, sensuous romp that's a bit reminiscent of Michael Jackson and centered around Breezy's voice, which is paired with some lilting drum and bass. It demonstrates that side we don't often see.

It's Breezy, bottle battler, club brawler and Drake nemesis at his most delicate, fragile and vulnerable, which, as we said, are not qualities were associate with him. Perhaps this is the person that Rihanna fell in love with before they had their famous altercation before the 2009 Grammys.

Breezy croons, "Just let the past be the past," and we can't help but wonder if he's singing about RiRi. He sings "Please don't judge me / And I won't judge you / It can get ugly / Before it gets beautiful."

Perhaps this jam is autobiographical as Breezy steps into the light and becomes a more positive dude.

'Fortune' drops July 3. That's next week!

Listen to Chris Brown, 'Don't Judge Me'