Chris Brown hits the club and brings some serious dance moves to the screen in his video for 'Turn Up the Music.' The clip features a light plot, but for the most, Brown is dancing his you-know-what off.


The vid opens with Breezy laying in the back of an old school cab, asking the cabbie to take him to the best spot in town. He then asks the driver to turn the air up, since he's hot, but he turns up the music instead, all the while wearing a huge animal mask on his head. Wait, what? The masks and animal heads are a motif in the entire video.

The clip then turns into a dance party on the streets for a hot minute. Breezy's getting his groove on while wearing a black suit. He may have been voted the worst-dressed man by GQ but he has cleaned up his act and is looking good here. He also goes shirtless a little later.

When Breezy shifts the dance action to a club, the moves are quite reminiscent of Michael Jackson and his classic, dance-driven videos. All the club patrons are dancing with masks and animal heads, too. Breezy remains mask-free, though.

Overall, it's a sexy party, lead by Brown … and those insane masks, which give the video a little bit of lightness. The pacing is frenetic, so it's over before you know it.

Say what you will about Breezy's personal life and his antics, but the kid can dance.

Watch the Chris Brown 'Turn Up the Music' Video