Cobra Starship is honoring a beloved hand gesture in their latest video for 'Middle Finger,' featuring their chart-topping rapper friend Mac Miller.

Miller kicks off the kiss-off video, setting the tone for what's in store. He raps: "Got my middle finger up and it's pointed to the ground / Rollin' in with my whole entourage, too many of us to count."

The clip features each Cobra Starship member in various situations where their "I don't care" attitude causes store clerks, kids, an old lady and even a homeless guy to give them the bird. The band takes it all in stride, though, just as the song's chorus denotes: "Throw your cups in the air / We so fly / Middle finger up to the sky..."

In an 2011 interview with MTV, frontman Gabe Saporta said there would be none of the classic hand gesture in their music video, and to an extent, that's true. The fingers are all blurred out of the clip. He added, "I think the video is going to be like you'd expect the whole thing to be like: an 'eff you' to everyone, but really it's about us trying to turn a new leaf and become Good Samaritans."

'Middle Finger' featuring Mac Miller appears on Cobra Starship's latest LP, 'Night Shades.'

Watch the Cobra Starship 'Middle Finger' Video Feat. Mac Miller