After teasing us for a week, it's finally here! David Guetta and Nicki Minaj's collaboration, 'Turn Me On' premiered today -- and it was well worth the wait.

The clip opens in an old-school lab with a camera-evasive Guetta twisting knobs and pressing buttons, making a series of nuts, bolts, metallic pieces and white lips begin to move, singing Minaj's lyrics. Soon, the metal is covered in a white, doll-like material, then in a plastic, Barbie-like finish -- appropriate for the original Harajuku Barbie -- then into a normal, skin-like, matte finish.

Soon, the creation sits up, sings and begins walking, complete with a hat and hot pink wig, as Guetta comes into full view for the first time. The entire video is a literal interpretation of the song... then it gets creepy. Guetta's masterpiece Minaj exits his lab and goes for a stroll, and everyone she passes is a literal doll.

The dolls storm Guetta's lab and rip off his skin -- but don't worry, it's not at all as gory as you think. Once they've had their way with Guetta, they start chasing after Minaj, who has a little help with her own escape.

The video has a fun yet eerie 'Frankenstein' feel. It's a tribute to the great things Guetta produces, as well as tribute to Minaj's beloved Barbz. Whether or not they've created a monster is debatable. Whether or not they've created a hit? That's pretty obvious.

Watch the David Guetta 'Turn Me On' Video feat. Nicki Minaj