With L.A. Reid definitely leaving and Britney Spears rumored to be considering an exit, all eyes are now on 'X Factor' judge Demi Lovato. Is she coming back for the show's third season?

It turns out, Lovato knows about as much as we all do.

"I have no idea what's gonna happen next season," she told MTV News. "And I don't think anybody does." That doesn't sound too promising!

Lovato added that while she's nurturing her own career, she loved being on the panel. (We loved her being there too, especially when she and Simon Cowell bantered back and forth!) "It's just crazy 'cause at the same time, just like L.A. is, I'm trying to build a career for my own too. It was an amazing experience and I loved doing this show," she assured. "It's just, there's no way to tell. I have no idea."

Sounds to us like it may be a matter of timing, so she can record and tour in support of her own music, while still dedicating time to mentoring on the Fox show. And, of course, it's likely also a matter of cash. Though 'X Factor' ratings improved since season 2, they were reportedly still not up to what Cowell had expected -- and budget cuts may mean panel exits if the prices aren't right.