While his fans wait for the first official single from his next album' Take Care,' Drake has released an official video for the gorgeous ballad 'Marvin's Room,' a song he shared on his blog earlier this month.

The song tells the story of a wasted guy, alone at the club, who tries to find a girl to go home with him. Checking his phone, he settles on a woman and gives her a call, but she won't accept his advances.

The visuals match the lyrics almost line-for-line. Drake sits alone chugging beer, looking around the bar as he tries to figure out where he goes next. We see a few quick snapshots of the girl sitting at home in her underwear, intended to visualize what Drake is thinking.

The video is dark and cloudy with mostly purple hues that resemble the subdued mood of the music. Eventually, Drake heads into the bathroom and stares at his reflection in the mirror. When he emerges, the music slows to half-speed to match Drake's altered state of mind.

The song returns to normal speed as the clip ends with images of the streets passing by, evidently taken from Drake's ride (hopefully a cab!) as he heads home alone after realizing his drunken wooing was unsuccessful.

'Marvin's Room' is expected to appear on 'Take Care,' which is currently set for an Oct. 24 release, with a single to be released in July.

Watch the Drake 'Marvin's Room' Video