Gingers may be said to not have souls, but they do have feelings. Case in point: Ed Sheeran hates the nickname "Ginger Jesus!"

The singer sat down for an interview at Z100's Jingle Ball and revealed that he loathes the moniker. Contemplatively, Sheeran mused, "I don't approve of it from the point of view that people might be offended if they heard it, if that makes any sense." How thoughtful! He added, "America's not the country you want to say something like that in!"

When asked about 'Little Things,' the song about loving a lady's flaws that he wrote for pals and fellow performers One Direction, Sheeran was refreshingly honest: Guys have insecurities too! "There's rarely a guy that doesn't have a belly or bad legs," he laughed. "If women can accept that for us, why can't we accept that for them?" Amen, Ed! He added, "I once dated a girl who didn't like the dimples at the bottom of her spine -- I talk about it in the song -- and that was my favorite part of her! You have to remind them sometimes that being an individual is one of the most beautiful things about them."


Sheeran also revealed he doesn't have a tour bus, a plane, a car or a bike -- but that he does have one of the best behaved fanbases on the planet. Find out why in the clip!