Remember how Taylor Swift was rumored to be telling her ex, Harry Styles of One Direction, to "shut the f--- up" at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards?

Ed Sheeran, who sat next to the 'Red' songstress and is one of her best friends and tourmates, explains what went down when America's sweetheart thought cameras weren't catching her.

If you'll recall, Swift leaned into her BFF Selena Gomez and muttered the bafflingly controversial expletive while 1D were presenting the Best Pop Video award, for which Gomez was nominated.

The ginger crooner swears Swift wasn't cussin' at Hazza, but rather at Gomez's lack of confidence.

"Selena said, 'I think Miley's gonna win,'" Sheeran explained. "And Taylor was like, 'Shut the f--- up!' That's all that was!"

Still, Sheeran admits, "Taylor was like, 'I think I messed up.'" But she makes up for it with all the good she does -- in another video, Sheeran describes how she paints guitars for sick kids, makes him jam and more!

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