UPDATE (APRIL 19): Just in time for this season's "Reunion Part 1" of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the video for Queen Erika Jayne's Slayne's "How Many F---s" is here, and it is bombastic: Hair is flipped! Bums are twerked! Pusses are patted! Lollipops are licked! F---s are given!

As previously teased, the glossy, bubblegum-saturated video for the bouncy electro-pop/hip-hop track is an exercise in ultimate irreverence. Jayne's philosophy is simply this: Take nothing seriously... least of all one's Real Housewives costars.

"Collagen, no collagen ain't signing no checks / Keep on running, keep on running, running them lips," Jayne, arguably RHOBH's Season 6 breakout star, raps in sing-song, likely in reference to the pop artist's stormy on-screen relationship with pouty costar Lisa Rinna. ("These lips were made for talking...")

But that's not the only Lisa who seems to get a shout-out on the track. In the same verse, Jayne alludes to the time her husband, lawyer Thomas Girardi, likened Lisa Vanderpump to that of a cunning alligator, singing, "Alligator, alligator dripping in stones / Eighteen carat, eighteen carat up in my bones."

And just as Erika Jayne is wont to spill the hottest of teas, fans are already sharing their thoughts on the sassy clip across Twitter:

ORIGINAL POST (APRIL 2): You wanna know how many "f---s" Erika Jayne gives?

"None, not one. Zero, zero, zero — done."

In a special sneak peek courtesy of E! News, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and flawless pop diva previews her upcoming new music video, "How Many," reminding us all why we can't get enough of her in the process.

Directed by Jayne's friend, choreographer, and video director Mikey Minden, who has worked with the dance artist on her videos for "One Hot Pleasure," "Pretty Mess," and "PAINKILLR," the "How Many" teaser hints at a more urban sound for the diva. Straying from the big techno beats of her previous dance-floor hits, the track seems to lean towards a fizzy hip-hop vibe, with Jayne shouting the chorus, rather than singing, much like the Queen of Hearts yelling "Off with their heads!" in Wonderland. It's declarative, brazen, and wonderfully sassy.

Of course, it's not an Erika Jayne video without some over-the-top aesthetics, and boy, does the girl deliver here. The video is basically a mashup of Brooke Candy meets the early 2000s, all bratty and bubblegum-y and sex appeal. Though the clip only reveals 30 seconds of the finished music video, the visuals already include a monochromatic pink babydoll look (complete with pigtails and lollipop), a white on white mesh outfit she wears while straddling an expensive (and also white) car, and an all-metallic gold goddess ensemble fit for a princess/temptress/pretty mess.

While the music video's release date has yet to be release, E! reports that the full song will premiere sometime in April, so it can't be too far off. And if you're not as unreasonably excited about this as I am, then, well...

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