Evanescence return with a bang on their first single in four years, 'What You Want.' The song is a forceful rock track that reminds fans why the group was one of the most successful crossover acts of the past decade.

The song opens with booming drums accompanied by chirping synths as Amy Lee sings, "Do what you, what you want / If you have a dream for better / Do what you, what you want / 'Til you don't want it anymore." Then come the hard rock guitars that define the Evanescence sound. The grinding riff is the perfect counter to Lee's strong-but-pretty vocals.

"Hello, hello, remember me?," she sings as the chorus arrives. "I'm everything you can't control / Somewhere beyond the pain there must be a way to believe we can break through."

'What You Want' is a polished production, with piano, strings and a few industrial rock effects also finding their way into the mix. The song ends abruptly with Lee shouting, "Do what you, what you want," with an echo that fades away. It's a powerful ending to a powerful song.

Lee says the song, which she wrote with bassist Tim McCord and guitarist Terry Balsamo, is about freedom and her relationship with the band's fans. 'What You Want' is the first single from the band's self-titled album, which hits retailers on Oct. 11.


Listen to Evanescence's 'What You Want'

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