Deep breath, Harmonizers: Fifth Harmony have delayed the release of their forthcoming sophomore record, 7/27. Appearing in a video posted to their Twitter page on Friday (April 22), all five Harmonies made the announcement that their second studio album will be pushed back... by just one week. (Okay, you can exhale now.)

Yes, the LP — originally due for release on May 20 — will now be unleashed on May 27. Why the delay? According to the group, it just makes more sense to release an album called 7/27 on, you know, the 27th.

"Before you lose it, here we go — this is why. Ready? So the number 27, as you guys have already probably figured out, is quite important to us. It means a lot of different things," Lauren Jauregui explains in the video message. "And so to keep cohesive with the theme of 27, we have decided to push it one week to the 27th...So it's gonna be like, a theme. Trust us, we love you, and you're gonna love it. One week will be nothing, I promise!"

"It'll be worth it!" Normani Hamilton adds. (Very punny.)

Watch the video message, below:

Of course, not all fans are buying it, coming up with their own theories about the sudden postponement. The prevailing speculation? Some believe that the girl group doesn't want to have to compete with Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman, releasing May 20:

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