To promote their new single, 'Better Together,' Fifth Harmony shared some weird food combinations that they think are better together. And they're pretty out there!

Camila Cabello, she of the infamous, ever present hair bow, picked spaghetti and bananas. Normani Kordei was skeptical: "Wait, the sauce is supposed to go with it?" Ally Brooke, the most openminded of the gals, chimed in, "This is actually not that bad!"

Kordei was next, combining spaghetti, tomato sauce and ... grape jelly. Say what? Most of the girls were skittish about the confection, but Brooke quipped, "I'll try it! I'm daring and adventurous." How cute is she?! Kordei added, "If you don't like it, blame my dad, because he's the one who told me about this." Cabello wasn't as game, fretting, "No, I don't like it ... I didn't try it, but I don't like it." Lauren Jauregui looked grossed out, but gamely took a forkful anyway. And, yes, Brooke ended up enjoying the dish!

Dinah Jane Hansen was next with her own treat, corn sprinkled over ice cream. Cabello coined it "ice corn." Cute!

But ladies? That's not spaghetti. That's bow-tie pasta, also known as farfalle. Get it right, girls!