Gavin DeGraw knows all too well that the best way to get in touch with someone you're not quite through with is to wander the streets until you accidentally bump into them. Given, that's fairly unlikely in NYC -- but that's what happens in the singer's new 'Not Over You' video!

When we launch into the music vid, Gavin is moseying around, lost in thought and in full search of his pretty lady from the past. We get a clear picture of the girl in question a few seconds in, when she's shown watering plants in her underwear. Suddenly, the shot goes to a split screen of her and the heartbroken 'I Don't Want to Be' man.

The video is choppy, and continues with the split shots periodically but not methodically, bouncing back and forth from two Gavins to two of the girl scouting around town, before giving us full shots of the quick-fingered kid at his famous piano.

In comparing the split screen images, it becomes evident that Gav is on this girl's mind, too, as they seem to be doing the same things at the same time, only in different places. She finally gets the nerve to go to his place, but unfortunately, it's just a minute after he's left home looking for her ... Again. Like a scene out of any love flick, the girl, frantic, runs off into the streets and bumps into him, and they share an emotional embrace and decide to get back together (we assume).

With hazy shots and cutoff clothing, this video is straight up '80s teen drama, like a remake of 'Sixteen Candles,' or something. Nevertheless, strange as his mouth may be, watching this man sing is nothing short of mesmerizing -- so it's no surprise to us that he could win over any lady with his ever-boyish good looks and tender, loving lines.

Gavin DeGraw's new album, 'Sweeter,' impacts on Aug. 9.

Watch the Gavin DeGraw 'Not Over You' Video