Lady Gaga might be getting praise for her fearless work on American Horror Storybut Grace Jones has potentially just given Mother Monster a reason to run and hide.

Jones joined Bevy Smith on SiriusXM's Bevelations over the weekend, and in an excerpt from the talk below, the icon basically rips the Artpop singer to shreds (a skill she's apparently aiming to perfect). Evidently, Jones had Gaga pegged from the moment the two musicians met.

"Gaga came to me, and I just could not find a soul," she says. "I come from church—maybe that has something to do with it. I like to get to the soul of a person. I just didn't feel a soul."

Jones goes on to clarify that she doesn't believe Gaga is soulless—just that her spirit was hard to spot. Still, future encounters didn't make it any more visible.

"She might have been freaked out with meeting me," she explained. "It's okay, but then we met three times after, and...boy, I got so angry."

Jones goes on to say that during one run-in, she noticed Gaga was wearing a piece by Philip Treacy—a designer Jones had already been very publicly sporting on tour. Unsurprisingly, this did not please her.

"I know Philip needed to make some money, but you know what, can you just wait until I finish my tour before you repeat what we are working on?"


In September, an excerpt of Jones' memoir, I'll Never Write My Memoir, hit the web, and similarly cited contemporary pop stars as being simplistic—Gaga among them.

"You are not off the beaten track, pushing through the thorny undergrowth, finding treasure no one has come across before," she wrote in the book, which is now available. "You are in the middle of the road."

Take a listen to the full interview below, and tell us what you think of Jones' words!

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