If you're anything like us, you've had Hilary Duff's 'All About You' in high rotation since it dropped back in August. Of course, the song left us wanting more, but Hilary hasn't released any new music since then. In a recent interview with the TV Page, the singer explained why her role on the TV Land's 'Younger' affected her upcoming album.

“Being on the show, I had to take a step back from music,” she said, adding, “But now that I am not working, I am getting back in the studio. I think I am going to go spend a week in Sweden working [on new songs].”

Hilary acknowledged that a lot has changed in the music industry since she took a hiatus a few years back. Working on 'Younger' will definitely change her music career -- but it also means that we get to see her on TV as well!

“It is going to be on a smaller scale than it was before and I have to accept that, which is hard for me," Hilary said of the music. “But I want to be on a show and I want to have the best of both worlds.”

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