Justin Bieber's long-awaited Purpose hits shelves in a little over two weeks (November 13), and he's finally gracing us all with the album's full track list.

Enlisting the help of a graffiti artist (or, multiple artists, considering the sheer volume of murals), Justin is taking his painstakingly slow time posting each song title in a separate tweet, corresponding to the sequential order they appear on the album.

The images appear to have popped up in graffiti murals across multiple cities, from Sydney and Paris to Oslo and Berlin. Each mural was created by a different artist, all of whom are credited on their respective photos.

Fans have responded accordingly, showing their utmost excitement with tweets like, "We know" and "DAD."

It's an interesting marketing strategy and falls in line with comments he made during a recent interview with Nick Grimshaw for BBC's Radio 1. Justin inferred that he wants to cultivate a career that has a similar trajectory to Michael Jackson's, as far as his ability to elevate the artistry of the pop genre is concerned.

He said, "I want to always stay pop. I think that pop music isn’t necessarily cheesy, it’s just how you make pop music. Pop music just means popular music, so you take what’s hot in the world right now and you flip it and you make it your own. I think that’s something awesome that Michael Jackson did. He always took what was super relevant at the time, like funk and techno and all that stuff."

Purpose is set to drop on November 13, but you can check out the track list below in the meantime.

1. Mark My Words
2. Show You
3. What Do You Mean?
4. Sorry
5. Love Yourself
6. Company
7. No Pressure
8. No Sense feat. Travis Scott
9. The Feeling feat. Halsey
10. Life Is Worth Living
11. Where Are U Now feat. Diplo and Skrillex
12. Children
13. Purpose
14. Been You
15. Get Used to Me
16. We Are feat. Nas
17. Trust
18. All In it

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