We feel like it's been forever since an edition of the always exciting 'Kelly Covers...' fell into our laps. But then we realized the other day Kelly Clarkson covered Lady Gaga, and oh, would you look at that? Now she's covering Rihanna! Ugh, we love Kelly so much!

Clarkson's tour made its way to Virginia Beach, V.A. on Tuesday, Sept. 11, and she must've really been feeling Rihanna's VMA performance from a few days earlier, because she chose 'We Found Love' as her cover of the night -- a song that even Kelly Clarkson can't get out of her head!

"This is for Christoper Buew, Brewer, Christopher Burwer... I can't say it right, oh my goodness, say it five times fast," announced Clarkson, before actually proceeding to say Brewer's last name five times. "See? I can't do it. So I'm gonna sing this song that's by Rihanna!"

The crowd was energetic, clapping along to the beat immediately, and a clearly enthusiastic Clarkson nodded her head along before beginning 'We Found Love' in that little Texas country twang we've come to know and love.

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