Kesha always positioned herself as devilish and she takes that whole pop music's bratty little sister thing to the next level with her appearance on shock rock god Alice Cooper's new album, 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare.' Kesha and Coop have joined each other on stage multiple times in the past few years and Cooper told Ultimate Classic Rock that he thinks Kesha will make a directional shift to the left and lean more towards rock, as opposed to polished pop, on future recordings.

"You watch, she's gonna end up being a rock singer, not a disco singer. She wants to be, you know, she wants to be Robert Plant, and she's a big tall American girl and she could really do it," Cooper predicted. All eyes will be on Kesha to see if this prognostication comes true.

Cooper also said, "Kesha's an old friend of mine. When she was in London, I got up and did a song with her. She actually plays the Devil in this thing." It's beyond cute that he calls her an "old" friend when she's all of 24 years old and could be his granddaughter! And Kesha playing the Devil on the record? Oh yeah!

Kesha appears on the song 'What Baby Wants' on the album and it's sure to be the duet of the year. Cooper further explained: "When she decides that it's time for her to get paid -- you know, there's always that 'I need your soul now' kind of moment -- and I'm trying to talk my way out of it, she goes 'Oh no no no, what baby wants, baby gets.' That's the song -- 'What Baby Wants.' I wrote it with her and Bob Ezrin and the song is very cool."

Kesha will get sleazy in a whole new way in the future, if Alice Cooper rubs off on her and has anything to say about it. A rock 'n' roll Kesha? That's believable, where in most pop tart cases, it isn't. Kesha herself even intimated a few months ago that she'd be going in a "balls out" rock direction.