British performer Labrinth has re-worked his U.K. smash hit 'Earthquake' with the addition of a guest appearance from Busta Rhymes.

A talented singer, songwriter and musician, Labrinth is one of PopCrush's Artists to Watch in 2012. 'Earthquake' serves as his introduction to U.S. fans who aren't yet familiar with the Brit Award winner.

A creative mix of hip-hop, pop and dance influences, the track features electro whooshes complementing a stuttering beat as Labrinth sings, "Ladies and gentlemen / What you're about to witness is no illusion / And now, we got the bass banging from here to Buckingham Palace / They're all moving."

"Hey Simon, we're f---ing them up," he adds in a shout-out to Simon Cowell, who signed Labrinth in England. Busta Rhymes also spits a rapid-fire verse about "making the earth rattle."

The earthquake Labrinth predicts in the song is his own stardom. Labrinth told MTV the song is all about drawing attention to himself. "Sometimes the one that shouts the loudest is the one that gets heard, so 'Earthquake' is shouting as high as it can," he said. Hopefully the self promotion pays off, because this promising artist deserves an audience.


Listen to Labrinth, 'Earthquake' Feat. Busta Rhymes