Flamenco music meets the urban dance club on 'Americano,' a track from Lady Gaga's new album 'Born This Way.'

With plenty of Spanish mixed in the lyrics, 'Americano' recalls 'Alejandro,' a single from Gaga's last album, 'The Fame Monster.' But this time the object of her affection is female. Specifically, "A girl in East L.A. / In floral shorts, as sweet as May."

"We fell in love, but not in court," Gaga continues, lamenting the fact that the courts won't recognize the marriage.

The rest of the lyrics seem to be a hodgepodge of controversial elements tossed into a blender: Government, religion, rebellion, immigration.

"I don't speak your Americano / I don't speak your Jesus Cristo," she sings, while synths and mariachi horns mingle unnaturally in the background. The fast-paced track comes to an end as Gaga shouts, "Don't you try to catch me, no no no no/ I'm livin' on the edge of the law."

It all seems pretty silly. But just try to get that flamenco guitar and "la-la-la-la-la" refrain out of your head. Pretty catchy, isn't it?


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